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Here’s what our clients have said about Aanaa Yoga. 

I have suffered from the effects of scoliosis for twenty years. Initially, I turned to pain medication, both OTC and prescription. However, when neither provided any relief, I tried chiropractic adjustments. This did help me and I have faithfully been using chiropractic for fifteen years. When initially diagnosed my curve was at 22 degrees. Now it is at 45 degrees. Before I met Judi and was introduced to Yoga for Scoliosis, I would manage the pain in my back by regular visits to the chiropractor. I went 3 times in the 1 month before starting yoga with Judi and then my next 3 visits would be over the course of 4 months. These last visits were not for pain but instead for a true adjustment that was needed. Judi taught me yoga poses that were specific to my scoliosis that I could use as a tool myself to control and decrease my pain. I have 4-5 poses that I can do in about 5-10 minutes depending on my schedule and degree of pain. After stretching and breathing through these poses my pain can go from an 8 to about a 2. I think my biggest noticeable difference is how much stronger my back is. I no longer feel as hesitant to bend over and pick something up. I am more confident in what my back can handle. I am so thankful for the improvement in my quality of life that Judi helped give me!

- Jennifer Kennedy

I have been practicing yoga on and off for the past several years, which has been wonderful for my state of mind and flexibility. Working with Judi, though, showed me that it can also be useful for managing the pain and discomfort that come with having scoliosis.

I have had chronic lower back pain for most of my adult life and more recently have developed discomfort in my upper back. I have mostly been managing the pain with chiropractic adjustments, but have tried everything from physical therapy to acupuncture. During the time I worked with Judi, I did not see my chiropractor once. The poses she customized for me and the awareness that she taught me about my body helped me gain the flexibility and strength in the areas where I needed it most. My favorite pose is the wall stretch where I am bent at the hips at a right angle. It gives me such deep access to the pressure that builds in my upper back and feels wonderful!

I look forward to continuing my yoga practice with more awareness and a gratitude for Judi and her teachings!

- Jane Kim

Judi has been my yoga instructor for almost two years now. She is not only a talented and great teacher but also a friend that really cares about me.

When I started, I came because I wanted to get fit and improve occasional back and neck pains I had. I didn’t know much about yoga and Judi taught me everything I know from the base with much patience and competence.

Yoga with Judi is magical because since I started exercising regularly, I have been having considerably less back and neck pains

Judi is exceptionally good at Yoga. It is a pleasure to watch her perform the exercises because she is so flexible and her movements are precise and graceful. And she will make sure I perform the excursive correctly and safely.

With Judi, every week I learn something new, and her classes always evolve.

Yoga is not only about the physical exercise but also has a spiritual side. Judi knows how to bring a taste of that (without making it irksome). We get a short but intriguing explanation about the yamas and how to implement them in our practice and mindset. To me, it is the perfect balance between the physical and the spiritual side of yoga.

I highly recommend Judi’s yoga class.

- Dorit

2016 was one of the worst years of my life. I was dealing with multiple issues and I really was at the lowest point I could possibly ever imagine emotionally. My counselor had been suggesting that I try yoga for several months and in late August, I finally decided that I would give it a chance. I researched local gyms and discovered that one was the only athletic club that offered daily yoga classes. So I made a call to one and showed up ready to try a yoga class and take a tour. I took a Vinyasa flow class with Judi and I was hooked. I signed up the next day and thus began my journey. Judi had an especially significant impact on me that first class and I credit her for the reason I joined the club. She has been a constant support and a positive influence every class. I recall during the first week her saying to me, “Dan, I can see you’re having a tough day and I want you to know that it’s okay. Come however you are and get whatever you need out of the class. No one here will judge you.” When I developed tendinitis in my elbows, she did research to find the poses I could do that wouldn’t exacerbate my injury and allow me to recover. I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for me over the last two years.

- Dan

As an athletically active person with neck, back and hip issues, I need ways to stretch and strengthen those areas to keep them moving freely. Personalized yoga with Judi has helped tremendously. Judi creates a plan just for my body and makes sure I am executing it with correct form to save me from injury. I have taken many yoga classes in the past and Judi’s are the best I have done. She even checks up on me to be sure my body did well with the yoga of the previous day. I highly recommend yoga with Judi.

- Kim

When I was 11 years old, I learned that I was diagnosed with scoliosis. My curve was at 25 degrees and I was told I had to wear a back brace. Every three months I’d go see my Brace Doctor and my Orthopedic doctor at Doernbechers Children’s Hospital. My mom introduced me to Judi at the beginning of all that chaos and that’s where my yoga journey began. For the last two years, I’ve gone to Judi’s house for yoga. She has me do Downward Dog, Dolphin, Scorpion poses and more. I feel my back loosen up, I’ve never experienced pain from scoliosis and I believe that’s thanks to Judi. A side benefit I get from doing yoga for scoliosis is my mental health. I leave feeling so refreshed and happy. It’s the best feeling, I love my Saturday morning yoga sessions.

- Katelyn

Scoliosis; what is it? Where does one turn to for help? Sitting in the pediatrician office with my daughter having an annual checkup at 11 years old, her doctor asked her to do an Adam forward fold test. Watching my daughter bend over and seeing her right shoulder look hunch back was frightening. She was taken in for X-rays before I even had a chance to digest what was happening. The X-ray definitely showed an S-curve in the spine and we were referred to Doernbechers Children’s Hospital. That’s it. No info, no comfort and no place to turn for answers. So I searched the Internet and read everything I could find. In my search, I learned that people use yoga as a way to help with pain and strengthening their back. I’ve known Judi for a couple years and knew she was becoming a certified yoga teacher, so I reached out to her for help. Judi definitely went the extra mile for my daughter and me. She took her basic training to the next level to learn and specialize in scoliosis. Judi attended Katelyn’s doctor appointments, looked at her X-rays and asked specific questions to best learn Katelyn’s curves and create the best poses to help manipulate a straighter spine. Katelyn has been doing yoga with Judi most Saturday morning for the last 2 years, not only has Katelyn seen benefits from yoga session with Judi in her X-rays, but her self-esteem has greatly improved. I’m so, so grateful for everything Judi has done for our family. What could have been a dark scary journey was made so much better with yoga and Judi.

- Kristy