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Yoga For Scoliosis

Redefine Your Body’s Alignment at Aanaa Yoga

Come to Aanaa Yoga for your Scoliosis

My heart is for those who have scoliosis. Pre-teens and Teens and their parents are often frightened by a scoliosis diagnosis and have so many questions. Adults with scoliosis are familiar with discomfort and can often feel there is no solution and anticipate a life with pain. Yoga is a less common talked about solution.

By addressing your specific curve we work together for curve reduction, strengthening and breath work. I choose poses specifically for your curve to elongate, de-rotate, lengthen and strengthen your core, legs, shoulders and the muscles that support your spine. One of my goals is to work with you until you understand how to properly come into the poses on your own. This gives you the freedom to practice when and where you want. The beauty is you can take your practice, the poses and breathe work, anywhere at any time. You have the tools when you need them.

Yoga for scoliosis helps the body to function in a healthier balance.